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I must admit that the Norinco M14 (or rifles made from a Norinco receiver) does interest me. However, that is because the receiver is forged (vice cast components in a Springfield) and the gun is priced 1/2 to 1/3 of the SA. I've heard of spotty QA with the Norinco too, but replacing the crappy parts (extractors, trigger components, op rod) or even applying a proper HT to the Norinco receiver can still be done while leaving a large chunk of change in your pocket compared to the SA.

BTW, I'm a huge NEF/H&R fan. I love the single shots and the old 9 shot revolvers. Wish I still had my first one single shot.

No Chinese pumps for me however. And you're only saving $20-30 bucks over a 500 and maybe $50 off a real Remington (albeit with more and more cheap crappy chinese components in the Express models.)

500 feels cheap because it's alloy? Basically every new pump or auto made since the 50s (Benelli, Browning, Franchi, FN, Winchester, Beretta, probably more) is alloy. HEAVY doesn't equal strong if the forging, HT, and QA isn't done properly or isn't done at all.
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