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Not sure I want to wade into this but...

I have no experience with the Pardner but I do own a Mossberg Maverick 88 and I've got to say it IS NOT a high quality gun by any stretch of the imagination. Mine had a rather serious problem with not firing that I had to fix myself because the gun was well past its waranty expiration.

Got that squared away and now it functions fine but knowing what I know now I would recommend anyone who asks to save a little more $ and bypass the 88 for the 500, an all around more solid gun.

With regards to Chinese GUNS (not scopes, etc.) they are generally very well built. I'll gladly trade my Maverick for a Norinco or Polytech M14, AK, NDM, Makarov, 1911, Sig copy, CZ copy, etc.

As long as they are copying someone else's design they seem to do fine. Pot metal, they are not.
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