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I personally shoot only Mil;-surp, norma or winchester ammo out of any of my Mosins. I have had too many inceidents with wolf and bear ammo to trust it's quality. The only steel cased ammo I have had that cracks regularly is the russian mil-surp.

The reason nobody gets excited about mil-surp cracking is that it is NORMAL, steel just does not stretch well. The reason people get excited about civillian ammo that cracks is it usually has a higher consistancy and standard. Wolf however is the exact same as the euro mil-surp, same loading lines and same process, so wolf and bear and others with steel cases, it is somewhat expected to have cracked cases.

Now if you are having cracked cases with brass cased ammo like norma and winchester, yes, you have something wrong with the gun and should be checked and repaired or a different rifle used since the rilfes are cheaper than gun smithing fee's at this point.
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