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Indiana IDPA State Championship

The 2010 Indiana State Match is in the bag, and congratulations to all the winners. Here's a link to the full match scores and results. It was a great match put on by the guys at Atlanta Conservation Club, with a real solid mix of speed shoots and complex stages full of reactive targets and no-shoots. Speaking of no-shoots, I'm proud to say that for the first time at a major IDPA match, I shot exactly ZERO no-shoots. Too bad I still managed to finish 2nd in ESR, and once again take home the ESR-Expert plaque as my consolation prize. C'est la vie. Here are the winners:

CDP: Kirk Crego-Expert 179.36
ESP: Chad Marthy-Master 176.56
SSP: Jason Parks-Master 166.34
ESR: Pete White-Expert 223.10
SSR: Randy Ciesiolka-Expert 246.96

I'm a little sad though about this match - not because it wasn't a good match, it was a great match. Rather it's because that this is the last IDPA match I'll be shooting with a wheelgun for a while, and I've gotten quite fond of my 625. Again though, this was a great match! Everyone that worked it and shot it seemed to have a good time, and we even had a gun world celebrity in the form of Mas Ayoob shoot the match!
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