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Better safe than sorry. Do get the rifle checked by a gunsmith with Mosin experience.

This said, I think the Wolf ammo is produced in the same factory as Russian Military ammo, and meets the same requirements... It is a thin steel lacquered case. These "stretch" much more poorly than brass cased ammo. When a round is fired, the case is to, more or less, expand to create a seal with the chamber to get the force focused down the barrel. Steel will not expand as much as brass and can split.

Make sure the head spacing is checked on the rifle. IF it is ok, and the bolt meets spec, then it is the ammo. These rifles vary - and may like a certain ammo over others.

For example, my M39 performed not so well with the Czech lacquered steel cased ammo. It performed exceptionally with the Yugo M30 heavy ball ammo. And did well with the copper brushed steel cased Russian Mil Surp. and the brass cased Albanian mil surp.

Try it with a different ammo. If you still get casings that split, this points to a gun issue. If not, then it points to an ammo issue.
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