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This gives us one more weapon in our arsenal to fight anti gunners or gun control advocates. They used to use the argument that the second amendment does not protect individual rights, but only "collective" rights for those people in the national guard, which is the "militia". The Supreme Court took that away, although we're still waiting for the decision on whether the Second Amendment applies to the states. That domino will likely fall in the case against Chicago, but the decision has not yet been made.

The other big argument has always been that "more guns equals more crime". There have been some attempts to show that "more guns equals less crime" which is a tough sell because of other factors as some previous posters have pointed out, and to which I agree for the most part. However, we now have some nice graphs, from the FBI itself, that we can use to counter the "more guns equals more crime" argument. Gun ownership has been steadily on the rise and has accelerated rapidly over the past 4-5 years, as this data from the FBI shows. If the argument that "more guns equals more crime" were true on its face, then it would stand to reason that violent crimes would have increased at least somewhat proportionally. It has done the opposite according to the data. That is relatively good news for us folks who understand that our freedom to keep and bear arms has no correlation to higher crime rates. Besides, higher crime rates should not be a consideration for limiting our natural or "God given" rights. Since when do criminals actions determine that law abiding citizens rights should be left unprotected by government? That is a false hope. Any ammo we can use to demonstrate the false hope of gun control, inflicted upon the law abiding, is a good thing for our side. I hope the Bradys and their ilk are lamenting this data. I'm sure they're going to be looking for ways to spin it. When someone has to "spin" something, they aren't necessarily telling the truth, and that can often be discovered at the most inopportune times. Let's hope that is the case with this data set.
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