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Buenos dias, Ron, and welcome. My wife and I spent a couple glorious weeks in Andalusia a few years back - great country, and we can't wait to return. The US has recently allowed importation of Jamon Iberico, which I'd love to eat more of, but it retails for nearly $200/lb (about 450 g) over here!

Your Model 52 dates from 1978-79; I have one from 1983. As you probably know, it's a highly specialized target gun intended to fire only flush-seated .38 Special wadcutters. The 52-2 is much more desirable than the 52-1 because it has the improved extractor. They have a reputation for outstanding accuracy, but also for not being an easy gun to master. The Model 52 was discontinued in 1993, and while they're not exactly rare they're not one of those guns that you see every day.

What does a Model 52 sell for in Spain? Over here they're generally a bit under $1000 or so, depending on condition
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