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a reminder...

I like to post it sometimes, just to remind us that BP still rule!

Black Powder Ramblings

A man wakes up at 5am and rolls out of a warm bed. It’s chilly in the house so he pulls his clothes on to go out to the wood pile to bring in some firewood. Over his clothes he puts on his gun belt, and in his holster goes the 1858 new model army revolver.
The dog wakes up as he walks out the door towards the wood pile. She runs circles around him, jumping up and down and wagging her tail, she just happy to be anywhere, dogs are like that. She’s no help with the wood but she gets tickled on the ears anyway.
Everything is quiet outside the house and the air is cold. A few minutes later, the dog is asleep again, a fire is roaring in the fire place and the man sits in front of the fire with a cup of hot coffee in hand and the 58 Remington pistol on the table beside him.
He looks at the pistol and wonders how many men before him have gone through the same routine before daylight in the morning. He wonders how many men might have had to draw their 58 in defense of life and family while they were just going out to bring in some wood to warm the house on a cold morning. Stray thoughts in front of the fire early in the morning.
Are you thinking this is a story from the 1860’s? Well it isn’t, the man is me and this is how I started my day today. This is a well worn routine from times past that thousands of people have been through. Just because we have central heat and air is no reason not to burn a fire in the morning if you like that sort of thing. But in this age of newer and better and faster, the old routines get left by the wayside.
It’s the same with guns. Everybody wants the newest auto loader that holds 25 rounds in the mag plus one in the pipe and the frame is some sort of graphite composite that will still be around 500 years from now. Everyone wants the newest big bang, break my wrist, yikes that made be sh** my pants load that came out just last week. And that’s fine, it’s the way things work.
But there’s a certain charm in the old BP revolver. Instead of spray and pray, you take aim and make the shot count. The old BP revolver reminds us of times past and a different way of doing things. There are some of us out there that like to look back at the past when men acted like men. Don’t get me wrong I like my modern conveniences, but there’s nothing wrong with knowing how to heat with real wood or how to hunt and fish. There’s nothing wrong with knowing how to do things the old fashioned way…..if you want to...
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