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Savage 99 .303

I have often seen people refer to the model 99 Savage 303 as the 1899 Savage but on my rifle Barrel it reads as follows "Patent rcb. 1893. July 25 1893." This was handed down from my Granfather 20+ years ago when he past. And "Savage ARMS CO." Says in their history page that they came out in 1894. I found they did not keep track of thier serial #'s or were lost in fire or some such. Mine is stamped on the Reciever 35.956 and is registered as made 1893 since there is no record. Makes me wonder if it was made in 1935 and was the 956th that year. My father said he thought it was made in 1924 from Info he found somewhere along his past search. Anyone have the 99 Thousand Dollar answer?

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