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business rights vs 2A/citizen rights...

this subject has come up before on other popular firearms/2A rights forums.

On a personal level, I see both legal sides of this issue but I lean more towards the gun owners/2A supporters. Safety & security are important but LE can't be everywhere or respond in 2-5min. Doing licensed security work(armed & unarmed) I can tell you first-hand that 911/LE responses can take from 5 to 45 minutes.
Active shooters, gang activities, armed robbers-car jackings, sex assaults-stalkers are more & more common at malls/shopping centers and retail stores.
More business owners may post signs or have corp SOPs but I think they are more concerned with street gangs or thugs than some middle age guy in a polo shirt & relaxed fit Dockers with a 1911A1 Commander or Glock 19/23 on their hip.

I agree 100% with noted gun writer & sworn LE officer Massad F Ayoob said about wearing/concealing weapons in public; "don't startle the horses", a ref to Victorian era New York City(late 1800s/early 1900s) where upper class citizens said not to draw attention to yourself or cause a big scene.
A more common, tactical term is; "quiet professional".
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