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1. I don't see anything wrong with open carrying. I do it all the time.

2. I don't see anything wrong with sharing that a company is anti-gun. We can all band together and try to get them to change their policy. That's how the Brady Bunch does it with pro-gun companies, there is nothing wrong with fighting fire with fire.

About the only thing I disagree with, in this area, is when someone says, "Before I went to Moe's Tie Dyed T-Shirt shop carrying my gun I called to see if it was OK." My opinion is if Moe wants to ban guns in his store he can post a sign, otherwise I, by default, am carrying my gun there, but then if Moe has a problem with it, I don't see any harm in telling everybody else that Moe has a problem with it so they can make their own decisions.
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