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cannonfire, i was simply posting that because in some states signs hold legal weight. I figured since there were multiple posts of people saying that their location is not signed, it might be able that, so i decided to clear up some confusion. I understand that it is private property, which is why i left. I was not going to stand outside and argue with a brick wall. Voting with your wallet and polite correspondence with corporate will be more effective then me fighting with the manager of ONE local store.

Sears is Anti Gun. If we do not get them to change this, they may start posting signs in states where a sign does hold you legally responsible to keep CCer out.

We need to stand together as a gun community and let them know that we respect their right to make policies against guns, but we have a right to shop elsewhere, and they are losing business because of this.

If you agree with OC or not, this does apply to CC. Even though they cant see you CCing, you are breaking their policy. If im supposed to find a blue shirt, are you going to leave your firearm in the car? Concealing does nothing to help yourself or the rest of the gun carrying community. Im not trying to tell you that im against CC, or that you should be for OC, just that we as gun owners should step up, and make some changes that will be better for everybody, including you.

Why support a business that doesnt welcome you or want you inside their stores?

I encourage you to stand up for the 2nd amendment as a whole, and help out the other gun owners and write an email telling Sears they will be losing business due to their no firearms policy. Some people such as myself cannot conceal, but i take my right to self defense seriously, and carry openly anyways.
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