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CrankyLove, i am not able to get a CCW at this time. In Arizona, OC is so common, people dont really care anymore. I think that we should strive for that same atmosphere everywhere it is legal. I do not want this to be a CC vs. OC debate, but i believe that i have the same right to protect myself as everyone else who can legally CC.

Either way, Sears is an Anti Gun Corporation. The policy applies to CC as well, which means it affects you. Just because they cannot see you carrying, does not mean you are not going against their wishes and policy.

If we dont fight to keep our rights now, they will be taken away. If law is put into place that a entering a business that is posted with no firearms signs would be a misdemeanor or even felony, and Sears posts those signs up, it would be a huge risk to carry there. Once that happens it will be too late. Private policy and the perception of people is easier to change then law once it is put into effect.

Please consider that if Sears knew you were carrying, you would be asked to leave. That means you are not welcome in their business. Why give money to a company who doesnt want you there? As gun owners it is important to stand up for each other, and work as a united part of the population, not CC being a small minority, OC being anothing, and hunters being yet another. Our voice will be too weak if we divide ourselves.

Please consider sending a letter stating they will not be receiving any business from you until the policy is changed to allow you to CC and me to OC.
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