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"I dont know the name of the particular model,....somone that wants to load on a regular basis would be better served by spending a little extra money and getting a strong steel press.

That's sorta what I'd expected. I assume you are unaware that Lee's Classic Cast single stage AND Classic Turret ARE steel/iron? (That's why I asked what model of Lee press you were referring to. )

A steel/iron press really isn't automatically better than a properly designed alum tool, as Lee's older presses and some others are. I've actually used a precison machinest dial indicator to measure some press deflection under the pressure of FL sizing .30-06; I learned that Lee's smallest "C" alloy presses are MUCH more rigid than my massive Rock Chucker 2! Meaning only that steel/iron aren't needed to precisely reload any normal sporting ammuniton.

And, for what it's worth (not much) about the oft disparaged "aluminum/pot metal" presses, RCBS' very good little Partner press and Hornady's excellant LnL series have alum alloy bodies. ????

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