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USPSA Production, how many magazines do I need?

Hi folks,

I have recently moved form Kalifornia to Ohio, and I am enjoying the pro-gun culture here. I may start shooting USPSA at the Miami Rifle and Pistol Club, and I bought a nice Springfield XD(M) in .40 caliber to get started. (All my other pistols are revolvers, including a sweet S&W 646, so I may shoot that as well.)

My question is when shooting "Production" with the 10 round per magazine limit, how many magazines should I own? I haven't seen too many stations that use more then 24 shots, but I have only observed one match. Also I may miss a few!

Question 1) Is three magazines "plenty" for my XD(M) or should I carry four? Or more!!?!

Question 2) My S&W 646 uses moon rings, is there a "moon ring holder" kinda thing for the belt? How do you revolver shooters carry your moon rings?

Thanks for any help you can provide! The weather here in Cincinnati is not as nice as it was in Santa Cruz, but I sure like the politics better!

- Thomas
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