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This is indeed a great thread. Anyway, I am getting the ducks in a row to start a firearms side business and requested all the paperwork from the BATFE. I do have some questions that maybe someone can answer.

I see the option for dealer (01/02), but I am not seeing a check for SOT. Is this a separate form? I would like to be able to offer NFA items.

The option for 07 manufacturer is only an additional $150. I think this might be valuable to have, but does this add any additional regulatory burden? Am I reading this right in that it would also qualify for manufacturing NFA items (sans DD)?

There is a question asking "do you intend to engage in business as a pawnbroker?" I don't plan to do so, so will answer no. However, if I ever did so, would I have to amend the license?

There are two additional forms they included—Supplemental Information on Water Quality Considerations and Environmental Information. Anyone know what this is about?

I'm sure I'll have some more questions, but those are the ones that come to mind now. Thanks all for the assistance.
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