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Well, Mr. Groom-to-be , you'll need a press (obviously), a scale, a powder dispenser (unless you want to measure ad finitum), a case trimmer, a primer pocket cleaning tool and some dies. That's the minimum, although there's other stuff that makes it a bit easier. Dies will cost you about $25 for each caliber you want to load. You should be able to set yourself up with a good-quality single stage press and all the goodies for about $200 to $300 depending upon brand and how many goodies you want. But you'll recoup those costs (unless you count your time) in just a few hundred rounds. Federal .45ACP Match ammo around here costs $22 per 50 rounds. I can load 100 rounds of ammo that's more accurate for about $6. In the past year I've saved nearly $2300 just on .45 ACP ammo alone. Of course, I'm now shooting more than I ever did as well, since I can now afford it.

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