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Shin-Tao, many will tell of single stage presses for $100. That's standard. However, be prepared to spend abut twice that or a little more to get completely set up(barring the Lee stuff, or course. Expect to pay between $225 to $325 for a single stage setup with scales, dies, calipers, powder measure, case trimmer, and more. Recently I have been helping a friend get into reloading with the "most bang for the buck." We found the Lyman Expert Reloader's kit with the T-MagII turret press was the ticket. It sells for $259 through Natchez Shooter's supply, and will have you almost completely set up. All you need is a set of calipers and dies. It is also faster than a single stage. Sweet press. If I didn't have a Dillon, I would buy one of these.
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