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BPC 18**. Date please and thanks for your help?
I have a 357 with serial number AUE0000. I am not using zeros in place of correct numbers. That is actually the serial number. Do I have the first edition or what should I make of it? Any help would be great.
That's sort of an interesting gun to own, and I guess could be worth a couple more bucks to the right collector, but the "0000" doesn't have any particular significance. The AUE prefix would make it about 1986-87.

4literranger485: That's not a correct serial number for a Model 64. The gun should either have a number containing the letter "D" somewhere, or if of more recent manufacture should have three letters followed by four numbers. Is there really nothing on the bottom of the grip? That would be highly unusual and possibly illegal. You might have to remove the grips to see the bottom of the grip frame. Can you post pics?
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