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My Classifieds ad "poofed"?

I had a classifieds ad posted and it recently "poofed" word of why it was removed.

Anyone else had this happen? I was told "commercial" classifieds were OK as long as I followed The Forum Classified Rules here:. I had 1 ad, not an outlandish amount I would assume .

1. You must be a member in good standing for at least 30 days and have 25 MEANINGFUL posts in the other discussion forums. In other words, "+1", emoticons etc. without a discernable statement involved do not apply. Postings in the Gun Show Forum, with the exception of the Feedback subforum, do not add to post count.
My "stats"

Been a member 60 days+, and 36 posts.

Can anyone shed light on it? I'm all for playing by the rules, but...if the rules are stated, and one follows them..seems like there should be some "follow up" for a deleting of a classifieds ad.

Happy Memorial Day to Veterans as well ...minus those whose ads get "poofed"
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