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dang, now this is what you call one heck of a gun. I've seen people push these to the limit with titanium barrels (which are lighter and last twice as long as steel ones) and I've seen people put a .22cal air rifle pellet weighing about 28gr and using a full load of some really hot powder, my friend got up past a mile per second with this beast. and it's amazing what accuracy's like at that peed. he can get a single hole group at 100yds with it, and it shoots so fast that the chrony couldn't even measure it. I'm guessing that this gun is easily capable of 6000fps or more, and I've seen people neck these down to .17cal to make the 17-243, and it is pretty much the same. you'd need a high speed camera rated to at least 1,000,000fps to measure it accurately. all I can really say is that when you break mach 5 it doesn't really matter how fast the wind is, it's going to shoot straight. and the energy is un-matched, I can split watermelons in half with the .17-243 at almost 200yds and I'm sure deer is no problem for it
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