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Those are some good links arcticap.

Those Buffalo Arms punches appear to be of good quality. Unfortunately, I'm too much of a cheapskate to shell out $18 for each punch. For me is was a matter of spending $5 (no shipping) for the punches at HF and spending a few minutes with the Dremel tool to make them exactly the size I wanted. Understandably, some folks don't have the Dremel tool or accessories to do that and thus the BA punches could be a great option for them.

Ideally, a Triple P loader with proper punch seems to be the cleanest and easiest way to punch out felt. When I save up enough spare change I might consider buying one. Seems like a great product. Thought I recently read though that the person selling these is not responding to orders (and may be taking money w/o shipping product) and isn't living up to the lifetime guarantee he advertises for his product. Maybe someone can comment on the facts of this...just saying I may have read this on a couple of threads somewhere.

I currently use 0.030 fiber wads when reloading BP 45 Colt cartridges (between the powder and bullet). I don't use them for cap-n-ball shooting as there isn't any lubricant on them. I wonder if fiber wads can be lubricated or can hold lubricant like a felt wad? For thinner felt wads one could order the 1/16" material instead of 1/8" as I specified. The 1/16" felt wads would be similar in thickness to the fiber wads mentioned by articap and therefore would give you an extra 0.060" of room for powder if desired; plus they can be lubricated.

BP Stuff seems to be the cheapest source for pre-made lubricate felt wads. However, they still aren't as cheap as making them yourself and you can't control the amount/type of lubrication yourself as when you do it yourself. But then again, for some folks the option isn't there to make their own so BP Stuff could be a great source.

I'm still not understanding the use of fiber wads, wax board wads, or egg carton wads within cap-n-ball shooting. As far as I can tell they are used to get the ball closer to the forcing cone when using less than full powder loads. But, I thought that was the reason for using cream-of-wheat or grits, et al. Maybe they help seal the cylinder too like a lubricated felt wad. The use of felt wads as a filler is something I didn't list in the OP but maybe I should have. I considered the lubrication on the felt wads as the "sealant" to help against chain fire similar to smearing grease over the ball.

Thanks for the other helpful comments fellas. Keep it coming.
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