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Sorry, I'm not into manufacturing; but, I'll be pleased to send anyone a measured drawing (for non-commercial purposes). There's not much to the actual construction; yet, there were many hours of hand work fitting, sanding and finishing. If there was enough interest I could make-up some kits with the oak roughly shaped and drilled, or just some sticky-back templates. I was flabbergasted when I saw a simple lever Pietta loader priced at $54. Similar ones in the Dixie catalog are $37.95 and $45.

The lever grip could be easily made longer. I settled on the length I used after discussing it with HisSoldier. His loader has a 8-inch lever which seems longer than needed.

Zee pistole, she is kaput!
The loader works great, and the Cabela's Pietta Remmy shoots MUCH tighter groups with the LEE 200 gr REAL conicals than with balls. The first time out I used 20gr FFFG equivalent of Pyrodex-P with Wonder-type wads. There was light recoil and it hit a pinch lower than point of aim. For the second wheel, I loaded 25 gr FFFG equivalent with the same wads. Recoil seemed a pinch heaver, and impact was right on POI. With the fourth shot, the loading lever swung down -- the additional recoil was enough to cause the loading lever to pop off the infamous Pietta barrel stud. Wish they had dovetailed it into the barrel like the originals and the Uberti. Now I have a good excuse to turn a bit of steel into a lever-less base pin latch.
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