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PCC's are fun but not all the practical aside from close range shooting.

Yes, a .357mag can gain a good amount of velocity with a longer barrel, however its still at 150 yards and in rifle.

I have a Kel Tec Sub2000 carbine in .40sw that I use as a stow away rifle on car trips, camping, etc. It allows me to have a PCC instead of just a handgun where a normal rifle wouldn't be "kosher".

I've recently built a 9mm AR primarily to finish off a lower that had no upper to make it work and partially because it is cheap to feed with my dillon 550b cranking out 115gr reloads at 250+ per hour.

It feeds from uzi mags and I've got a pencil profile colt barrel. It is light weight and pack 32 rds of 9mm fun.

Is it really practical for hunting or is it better than a 5.56 AR, nope.

But its cheap, fun, and I made it out of mish-mashed parts and its a hoot.
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