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Mike I personally had an idea of setting small dehumidifier inside my safe... then instead of having that bucket collect it run a small hose outside the safe to collect out there? also is the metal safe on bare concrete? Any buffer between the two will help, if you lift it off the floor like a foot or so if its feasible that should help as well.

I live in WI so its dry as heck in winter then summer comes and pours on the humidity... I am currently having the same trouble you are... I run silica / golden rod and a dehumidifier in that room 24/7. I like blued guns too so that makes it all the worse.

I would LOVE to hear more about this Damp Rid stuff. I've looked at it several times anyone explain how or why it works better then the Silica? I was worried about the reservoir it makes... figured a puddle in the bottom of my safe wouldn't be good
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