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Let us know how it goes


Thanks for your thoughts regarding LFI-2.

I've taken two InSights classes, and their theme throughout was "non-diagnostic techniques work well under stress." Makes sense, and I was very pleased with the instruction.

In fact, I'd put InSights' "Unarmed Self-Defense" class as second to LFI-1, based on what (little) I know so far. "If all's you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." This class offered lots of non-diagnostic reactions for the ol' toolbox. The instructors also noted the curriculum jibes nicely with their "Handgun Retention & Disarms," a class high on my wishlist.

Just wanted to wish you well with the class, I'm sure you'll find it very worthwhile ... and to encourage you to post a short review at The Firing Line afterward.
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