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Smith & Wesson was still making, and selling, guns in .38 S&W into the 1970s.

H&R continued production of .38 S&W chambered guns into the late 1970s or possibly the early 1980s.

Within the past decade there has been at least one, albeit short-lived, derringer chambered in .38 S&W.

Thousands of .380-200 Webley and Enfield revolvers have been imported in to the country since the middle 1980s.

"Do you think any U.S. manufacturers are still making 38 S&W?"

Yes. Remington and Winchester BOTH still catalog the .38 S&W.

Hell, Winchester still catalogs the .32 S&W, and it's been out of active firearms production for a lot longer than the .38 S&W.

The .38 S&W is hardly obsolete.
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