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It wasn't until the introduction of the J-Frame Chief Special (Pre-Model 36) in 1950 that S&W made a small-frame .38 Special. Prior to that, the only small .38 that S&W offered was the Terrier which built on the I frame and chambered for .38 S&W.
Thanks, didn't know that.

I don't consider a cartridge to be truly obsolete until all the major U.S. ammo manufacturers (Winchester, Remington, CCI/Speer, Hornady, Cor-Bon, and Federal) quit making ammo for it.
Do you think any U.S. manufacturers are still making 38 S&W? Magtech seems to be the only brand still available. Maybe one of them will make another batch in a few years when they catch up on back-ordered .380 ammo. I suppose floppy disks aren't truly obsolete since you can still buy them for your Pentium computer.
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