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.38 S&W brass is .384" dia and .38 Special brass is .377" .38 S&W shoots a .360-.361 dia bullet and .38 Special shoots a .358 dia. bullet.The .38 S&W can shoot a .358 dia. bullet with reasonably good accuracy. 148 gr.HBWC are a better choice as most run near the .360 dia and the hollow base seals gases better.
Mag Tech makes factory ammo for the .38 S&W as well as Remington and Winchester.Seems it has been bought up and factories are not making any at this time. was the last place I saw any factory ammo.
.38 S&W has become a reloaders cartridge I was able to buy 500 pieces of new brass so it is still out there.
Missouri Bullet Co. now offers a .360 dia. 148 gr. bullet that is the proper bullet.
I had lots of trouble with reloading dies and it took RCBS to get a proper dimension.Some die makers think .38 Special is the same as .38 S&W,
reloading info. is not in the books any more.It is a worthwhile cartridge to reload and shoot.
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