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The method I used & still follow when I want to upgrade is to check the local shops and range bulletin boards for used equipment. This takes time and luck, you don't mention what your time frame is. Following is a list of some bargains I have uncovered.
Ohaus scale and powder measure nib discontinued stock for $40.
Lyman case trimmer with pilots, new, display model (they lost the box $25)
RCBS Reloader Special 3 used but like new $20
RCBS Rockchucker used $40
Pacific C frame Press Used $5
Lyman Turbo Tumbler Used like new $30
It did take over a year or so to find these treasures but they are out there. Try small stores that do not do a big volume in reloading. You'd be surprised how willing they can be to move things based upon "I'm sick of looking at it make an offer".
If you are in a hurry maybe get the Lee Aniversary Kit and start upgrading from there. Reloading equipment is like guns, you can't have enough.

Checking the gun shops for used equipment has a catch. Prior to entering the store you must say the following 5 times. " I will only look for used reloading equipment. I will not ask to see a pistol. I will walk right by the rifles without so much as a glance." Now if your in the shop before the third round is finished, by rule you don't have to listen.
Welcome to and enjoy the world of reloading.

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