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I saw this come up in Texas during our last session of the legislature. The first thing that we have to do is have a lot of facts available and publicize them. To hear some of the local leftists talk, one would think that the proposed law would have resulted in schools being required to issue full-auto M-4's to 18-year old freshmen. Most of the arguments centered around the idea that college students were not "mature" enough to carry. Where I teach, over half of our student body are over 25, have families, jobs, and no problem getting Texas CHL's. Even our traditional age students would not all be carrying. Only the ones who are 21 or over (traditional Juniors and Seniors) and, if they have a Texas CHL, they can carry in the State Capitol building or in the streets of downtown Austin, anyway--just not on campus, for heaven's sake.

I would love to be able to carry on campus. As a 61-year old professor, I should be responsible enough to carry on campus, and I don't believe that crossing the campus boundry or entering one of the buildings instantly makes me derranged or irresponsible. The same for my students. I have had 18-year old students (not most, but a few) who would be perfectly welcome to CCW in any classroom of mine. In fairness, I have some faculty collegues, as old as I am, whom I would not trust with a ping-pong ball. They'd probably put their eye out with it.
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