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This happened approximately 10 years ago, 2,000,000 DGUs per year since then (more than half of which are inside the home) but still... so IF you're involved in a DGU I will acknowledge that there is approximately a 1/200,000 chance of "needing" a reload.
How can you conclude that none of the other DGUs needed reloads? Are you familiar with each one?

Not several, but you have finally provided one single example.
Here is another that might be up to your standards:

During a second restroom stop, Dr. Peebles was finally able to slump down and retrieve a .22-caliber revolver kept for self-protection in the compartment of a van door. He hid it in the lining of his jacket. Later, during yet another bathroom break near Lufkin, Texas, Dr. Peebles decided to make his move. As he emerged from the van, he drew the revolver and started firing until the gun was empty.

Three shots found their mark, striking Eizember in the chest, but they did not disable him. Eizember began pistol-whipping Dr. Peebles, who later recalled that "after about the third blow, I just went down and stayed on the ground and acted like I was out." He expected to be shot, but was not. Only later did he learn that the firing pin in Eizember's gun was defective.
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