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Originally Posted by wayneinFL
Huh? That's not what the OP was about. He said "non-law enforcement". Harry Beckwith and Lance Thomas were not cops.
"Self-Defense" generally implies "on-the-street". That's why we have the term "Home Defense".

Is home defense defense of self? Yes.

"Gang violence" implies "on-the-street". There's not a lot of gang violence in my home.

Could gang violence be "in-the-home"? Yes, it's possible.

The implication of questioning hi-cap or spare mag carry is that the reference point is OUTSIDE of home or business because, as I've said several times, there are no downsides to arming yourself with belt-fed Minigun at home. There ARE downsides to more and heavier guns out, on-the-street.

Originally Posted by waybeinFL
In my opinion, ya'll need to give up on the ******* contest. If you want full capacity magazines, it is possible you would need them, so go for it. If you feel the odds are so remote that you would ever use them, and choose not to carry them, don't. It's pretty simple.
It is pretty simple. We've covered all that.

What we're having here is a conversation. A spirited debate is not automatically a "***** contest".

We're having a conversation. Thank you for your opinion. You are welcome to participate, or not, your choice, but don't tell us to shut up.

Originally Posted by OldMarksMan
from the standpoint of rounds needed, I don't see why a home defense incident should require any more shots than an incident on the street. True, one can have a lot more ammunition at hand in the bedroom.
I don't see why either, necessarily, but from the "anecdotes" that I've seen, there is a difference. Forceful home invasions, for example, often involve multiple, moving targets who can very well shoot back and give you little or no warning. It appears that street encounters are rarely, if ever, at that level.
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