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Nope. Not only are they "not good enough", they're not even on topic.

We're talking about civilian, on-the-street, concealed carry.

Not businesses.

Not homes.

Not cops.

Not FBI.

I've already explained why. You can have a 50 gallon drum full of loaded 30 round mags in your watch store and suffer ZERO negatives.

Your house can be defended by 12 different guns with 112 spare mags and you make ZERO sacrifices.
from the standpoint of rounds needed, I don't see why a home defense incident should require any more shots than an incident on the street. True, one can have a lot more ammunition at hand in the bedroom.

Let's see---you and I carry guns with similar capacity; one of mine holds less. Yours is more powerful.

Nether of us anticipates ever having to use one for defense.

You argue that having one is not "necessary", and I believe that having one is prudent.

I am permitted to have a higher capacity weapon, and I choose not to. You are not permitted to have one, and I infr that you would not carry one anyway....
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