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Nope. Not only are they "not good enough", they're not even on topic.

We're talking about civilian, on-the-street, concealed carry.

Not businesses.

Not homes.
Huh? That's not what the OP was about. He said "non-law enforcement". Harry Beckwith and Lance Thomas were not cops.

Hi everybody, this is my first post.

Does anyone have any real life examples of "high" capacity (a capacity greater than 10), or a reload actually being needed in a civilian and non-law enforcement self-defense encounter?

I live in an Southern-California where there is some gang violence and and I'm looking at how practical a 1911 that holds 8 rounds is over a polymer gun that can hold somewhere between 13 and 19 rounds.

So, real life examples would be ideal. I've searched for news articles, and The Armed Citizen and couldn't find anything.

Thank you for you help.

In my opinion, ya'll need to give up on the ******* contest. If you want full capacity magazines, it is possible you would need them, so go for it. If you feel the odds are so remote that you would ever use them, and choose not to carry them, don't. It's pretty simple.
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