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What are you using in your safe for dehumidification?

I've got a very damp basement. The dehumidifier runs pretty much 24x7.

My new Ft. Knox safe is in the basement. I put a kilo of silica gel in a pan to act as humidity control.

24 hours later I opened the safe to add some more stuff, and the silica gel indicator beads were completely pink -- waterlogged.

So, I dried them out in the oven, as recommended, put them back in the safe, and 24 hours later, pink.

I've not noticed any rusting on my guns yet, but obviously the silica gel isn't going to deal with the issues I've got.

What should I use?

One of my coworkers didn't express much faith in a golden rod. "Heated air is still humid air," was his comment.

His safe is actually large enough that he has a small dehumidifier sitting IN it.

That would be nice, but...

Any suggestions?
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