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Love that bench.....what's the little plastic looking things on the edge of the bench ? Where's your presses ? I'm assuming these are somehow related, show a pic with them on....
Assuming that I'm getting the right thing, perhaps this pick will explain:

I use the same thing for my Classic Cast press:

I developed this system before I bought the progressive; I place a case in the shellholder, then size it. As the hand comes back up with the handle, I pop the case off the shellholder into the bin, while the left hand grabs the next one. If one doesn't have to actually grab the case off the shellholder, one can really move a bunch of brass through in a hurry.

I do the same thing when i seat bullets w/ the single-stage, I grab a loaded case from the loading block with left hand, right hand grabs bullet, seats it, I pull the handle, and while I'm doing that, my left hand is grabbing another case. When the ram comes down I pop the completed round off the shellholder into the bin with my right middle finger, and the left hand is right there to put another case in the shellholder.

Since you asked about the presses:

I originally mounted presses on the large bench, but realized I still wanted it for cleaning guns, sorting brass, etc. etc. So I have them mounted on the small bench:

Here's my dremel setup; I have a vacuum under the bench, connected to a metal extension wand I've screwed to the side of the bench. When I flip the power strip switch, both the dremel and the vacuum turn on. Anything I grind off is sucked down the vacuum. I've used it to cut golf club shafts, brass cases that are stuck in a die, brass cases I want to cut apart and see what's inside, and so on:

I also have a scale which is on a sub shelf; gets it up and out of the way. Next to it is a pick I use for all sorts of things, cleaning, you-name-it. I keep it stuck in a cork I inserted into the side of the shelf after drilling a hole for the cork:

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