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Anther issue learned the hard way !

Have you ever left powder in your hopper and finished for the night, then for some reason not finding time to get back to it for a time.
Now you go sit down for another reloading session and you draw a blank on the powder in the hopper, also has happened with my primers, So my new rule that I am trying to follow, is to keep loading until the powder is empty, or you run out of some component, then dump the hopper back in the containers, I still need to find me an appropriate funnel for this task.
Some have mentioned about the hoppers getting stained from the powder sitting for a long time also.
I have a spirile notebook open to my current load project, dates and all load info for that session. Was hoping this would keep me organized, but it don't work when I flip back to another earlier load page to build some of those rounds.
I think I'm going to have to do the sticky note pads, but I hate those things.
So far I have not had any stupids, only had to unload a few rounds made in error. Goofed up some overbelled 38 cases last night, I just tossed them as while trying to reclaim them with the case sizer die, they just went crunch oh well. I do have a scrap container of junk cases and zillions of spent primers.
This may be worth a few dollars someday.

Keep learning and stay safe.

Duane USN/ret
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