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Case/media sorter:
Get two 5- gallon buckets.
1 piece of ¼ " hardware cloth about a foot square.
Hot melt glue gun

Cut the top off of one of the buckets (handle end) to make it about 8" tall or so and name it "piece #1". Set it on the hardware cloth and use a sharpie marker to trace around the inside to mark the hardware cloth. Cut the hardware cloth into a rough circle 1" outside of the marks (making a circle of hardware cloth 2" larger diameter than the marked one) Make "V" shaped relief cuts from the outer edge to the marked circle. Bend the edges of the hardware cloth along the marks to make it a 1"tall flat bottomed basket. Get the bottom of the bucket that "piece #1" came from, flip it bottom-up on the bench. Set "piece #1" over it, loosely and handle up, using "V" trimmings of hardware cloth all around as spacers between the two pieces. Mark line with sharpie around the bucket bottom using "piece #1" as a guide and another line 2" further down around it. Cut along lines to make a band (throwing away the first band cut off. Place hardware cloth basket over small end of band and press it down into "piece #1"until it’s about a half inch from the bottom. "Caulk" the joint between bucket and band all around, on top and bottom with hot melt glue.
The piece made makes a nifty strainer that fits into the top of the other 5 gallon bucket. Dump mix of cases and media, grab handle and twist back and forth a couple of times quickly and the stuff is sorted.. Also, you are left with a handy, heavy-duty, flat bottom bowl that your wife can’t gripe about you using.
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