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I shoot BPCR with a .38-55 and .40-65.
Lyman 358674 335 grain is good in my rebored barrel with 15" twist. A stock 18" twist might not stabilize it (but one source says it will.)
The Lyman 410663 400 grain Snover is great in .40-65, not much to beat it until you start getting into some of the "NASA" designs.
I don't shoot .45-70 but one of the Creedmoor or Postell styles would be good, and the original 500 grain government design nearly always works.

If you don't mind paying for a custom mould, Paul Jones makes the best I have seen.

I have cast bullets out of 20:1 lead:tin alloy; most BPCR shooters favor that or something a bit softer down to 25:1 or 30:1. A paper patch loader will go as soft as 40:1. I don't know anybody using pure lead, a little tin helps the casting as well as hardening the alloy a bit.

I have bought bullets made with antimonial lead and they do ok, but would not use it myself.

Wheelweights are inconsistent and linotype is way harder than you want for BPCR.
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