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Still on backorder with Taylor's

If anybody was wondering, and I think RemTim was, I'm still on backorder with Taylor's for the Uberti 1858 New Army model Remington reproduction target model in Stainless Steel.

DID YA HEAR THAT GOOGLE ! (he shouted to the robot)

When I receive it I will create a stunning photo documentary that might be the best one on the internet for this type of GUN ! (dadGumIt) ! has a reception date of 06-21 for the piece and as I understand it they get theirs from Taylor's or get them from the same hands that Taylor's gets theirs ... (drums fingers on computer desk) ... ARRRRrrrgggghhh ...

I'm looking at the alternatives which are the Uberti 5 1/2" barrel 1858 blued and just order the Kirst Konverter along with it ... send it to Jay to time both the konverter and the BP stock cylinder together.
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