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Short version.

Springfield passess law, Cook County refuses to punish people with it. Springfield passes new law saying "this time we really, really mean it."

Since a recent suspect in a LEOs death during on off-duty bikejacking (is that a word?) was given 18 months probation after the same charge a while back this law might get enforced, for a while.

As far as getting rid of the FOID business after McDonald wins in June, I would ask you to remember that Mr. Heller (of Helller Vs DC fame) is still required by law to keep his gun unloaded and dissasembled or have a trigger lock on it. So I would not recomend holding your breath for the FOID law to go away. There are other states that also have similar systems and even in Heller the court stated that requlations and controlls were both constitutional and allowed.

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