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There are no dumb questions you know.
Glad to hear that.
When I recently reentered the bp game, it was the articles in these forums which were ( and still) of the most value of all of the resources at my disposal. No where else can you get professional advice quickly and for free.
Doing the work isn't that difficult once you get over being afraid to dive into it.
How hard can it be with advice such as this at your disposal? The guns are simple compared to modern firearms, so a mechanically inclined individual with access to such resources doesn't need to go see the smith very often, preferably...never.
My quest for the perfect Italian reproduction is over. I am now looking for imperfect Uberti guns that have issues for low prices; guns that I would have been scared of a very short time ago.
The issues are usually minor. Get the tools and dive in..the water is great here.
Great post,Enyaw!!

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