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Like Coolray says,Depends.

Handgun or Rifle?

What caliber(s)?

How much is your time worth? Progressives are faster, but a lot more money.You can load just as much with a single stage, but it takes a lot longer.

How many rounds do you foresee shooting in the next few years? A Dillon 550 can put out 500 rounds an hour. Great speed, but for me it's not that big an issue. 500 rounds of .45acp, for me, is a two months supply, maybe more. OTOH, 500 rounds of .22lr is about 2 hour supply.

Is a high quality piece of equipment a higher priority than one that will do the job? (Stanley or Craftsman work fine for most folks, but for some others, only a Snap-on is accepatable. I use a Snap-on screwdriver every day for work. At home, a Craftsman works fine)

I've heard a lot of negative about Lee equipment, but so far, mine is going strong after 25 years. For what I use it for, it's fine. I load only handgun rounds, mostly straight wall, and only load to pretty tame levels. My days of trying to work up the perfect world shaker magnum are pretty much past. Lee equipment has way too much slop for real precision loadings IMNSHO, and for heavy magnum loads, the equipment(Lee) just doesn't have the strength to resize a few thousand cases. Mine has a noticeable difference resizing factory .44mag once fiired vs my own tamer loads. YMMV, and most likely will. FWIW, I would recommend Dillon to anyone wanting to try reloading. They have an excellent reputation, and even though they are a lot more expensive, spread out over a lifetime it's a small difference in price. If it doesn't work out, you can always recoup most of your investment. If it does work out, then you're set for life.

We need a bit more to go on.
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