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We rotated rifles every 15-20 shots or so. Cleaning and letting them cool down, when shooting a 25-06 with a 87 grain bullet a 3300 fps really heats up a barrel fast.

One thing I've found is to use bore guides and I will use a brass brush with a douche of alcohol will clean out the carbon fast so the Shooters Choice will work faster. The alcohol is a cheap solvent and carry's out much of the powder fouling quickly.

Carry a couple of water jugs with you in the field, good for washing up at the end of the day. It's dirty work.

If you hunt the Rosebud there is a hotel/casino there on the state line they have a good buffet, top round with all the fixens.

And close by is Valintine Nebraska and Lock Stock and Barrel shooting supply. They have shopping carts, just like the supermarket, go up/down isles and before you know it you need a second mortage.
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