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Among the ones you listed, the Lee Classic Cast is easily the best one. It is the only one with through-the-ram, into a bottle/bucket spent primer handling, fully adjustable handle for left/right, angle and length of throw, and compatibility with the Hornady LNL press conversion kit, if you want to use QC die bushings.

You did not list it (it is more than your $ limit), but the Forster Co-Ax is my choice for best single stage press. Its features include floating, snap-in/out die retention, floating universal shell holder jaws, and excellent spent primer/debris handling. These features are not only convenient, but also promote accuracy, along with the ram/linkage/handle configuration. I prefer the ergonomics of the co-ax, but it is quite different from other presses, and should be tried first, especially if you are used to a conventional press and/or prefer to reload while seated.

You might also consider the Redding Ultra-Mag or Big Boss II. Both are LNL compatible and have excellent, through-the-ram, into a tube to a bottle/bucket, spent primer handling.

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