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Long as we're BSing deer stories: I was hunting from a tree-stand, back when I lived just outside of Austintatious. A 90-pound (dressed) doe wandered by, ambling and nibbling. Meat fer the pot, sez I, and at maybe 40 yards held on her neck. I had the good old '06; I was handloading Sierra 165-grain HPBTs, then. Just as I touched it off, she took a step.

The bullet entered the top of the near-side shoulder, went just under the spine and with a Peckinpaugh-movie gout of blood and gore, took out the center of the shoulder-plate and the top of the off-side leg. She didn't drop; she instantly reared and spun on her hind-legs and three-legged it about 100 yards. The blood trail was over a foot wide. The exit wound must have been over four inches in diameter. About the worst mess I ever made.

But you wonder, some times, just how they do that sort of thing...

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