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There are a couple of changes in the 100 series, mainly to try to standardize parts among the different members of the family, but Izhmash also offers a number of other specialized variations (the "-2" versions are semi-auto only, for police and militia, and they can also be fitted with a "safe-semi-3-full" fire control group). The bolts/bolt carriers and other major parts are interchangeable between the full-size and compact variations of the rifles, unlike with the AKSU and AK-74M. All the AK-100s are fitted with luminescent night-sights, and have a mounting bar for optical or electronic night-sights. Fedoseev's "Kalashnikov" has a bit more info on these, as does Monetchikov's "History of Russian Automatics". I think the best of the series are the AK-107/108, which use the same sort of "opposing-piston" gas operation as on the AEK-971 to eliminate the recoil effects of the moving piston and bolt; these rifles are amazing while firing, because they just seem to hang on the target during a burst, instead of climbing.
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