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Multiple rounds fired LE-citizen events....

This is an interesting topic and I did not read every post yet so my details may have been repeated..

I'd suggest researching the North Hollywood AKA; Bank of America shooting in 1997. This shoot-out involved the LAPD & 2 violent criminals. It was made into 44 Minutes, .
The older CHP(Newhall CA) event is worth bringing up. The brave CHP troopers used DA revolvers but it was a big firefight.
The south FL Platt-Matix shoot-out in 1986 involved FBI agents and 2 violent felons(who were well armed & military veterans). A few FBI agents had S&W 9 mm pistols(59s/39s).
More recent shooting events included a young UT LE officer who ended an active shooter mall incident with the last(8th round) of .45acp. The young cop had no spare mag for his 1911a1 pistol. Another veteran cop from Las Vegas NV shot his small caliber off duty pistol at armed robbers who later wounded him. The LEO lived and now uses a full size weapon all the time(with 2 full mags). In the metro Orlando Florida area about 4 years ago, county patrol deputies got into a huge gun battle in front of a "grow house". A few sworn LE officers were shot and the subjects were arrested. The deputies had M4s, 12ga and Glock 21 .45acp weapons.

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