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However, as demonstrated (again) in this thread. There is simply no realistic probability of ever needing 18 or more shots in a SD scenario. It simply does not happen, at least any more often than do alien abductions... which is another thing that I choose not to prepare to defend against.

Anyone who does, great. Anyone who does not, great. Either way, the NEED is demonstrably absent.
Well, that sure takes a load off my mind. Here I've been concerned that when Bubba comes calling, he might have buddies with him. At home or on the street.

Now I know that if I'm standing there in my shorts (if even that) guarding the hallway, fighting for my life, there's no realistic probability that I'll need enough shots to justify a high capacity magazine.

And, of course, nobody could ever find themselves in a similar situation as Reginald Denny in the peaceful serene world we live in today.
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